Iconic Capital Group is a Southern California private equity firm eliminating the barriers that prevent many qualified investors from adding real-estate to their portfolios and reaping its wealth-building benefits.

Traditionally, private equity real estate investing has been an exclusive “club” reserved for the select few in the know who have access and relationships; or, those with the expertise, time and resources to navigate the complexities of ownership and property management.

ICG provides investors access to a wide range of hassle-free and turn-key real estate investments. We are a private equity firm specializing in investment real estate with a focus on the renewal and redevelopment of under-performing multifamily properties in targeted Southern California communities. 

Our strategy of purchasing properties at a discount and re-positioning them to take advantage of market dynamics maximizes returns to investors while minimizing risk.

I would have invested in commercial real estate much sooner had I known how easy it could be. ICG delivers exactly what it promises: a hassle-free experience and above average returns on my investment.”
— Alison G, TV Producer


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