The Company

Hooman Ghaffari created the Iconic Capital Group platform in 2013 to execute a business plan of acquiring mispriced and mismanaged properties. Iconic Capital Group provides investors the opportunity to participate in a wide range of turn-key multi-family real estate investments. Iconic Capital Group represents a great alternative for investors who are seeking to capitalize on the many benefits of real estate investing but are unable or unwilling to spend their time looking for and then managing investment properties.

Investment Philosophy

Iconic Capital Group works to provide our investors the highest risk-adjusted return and improve properties through execution of fundamental value-add real estate investment strategies, with the knowledge that the changes we make will help to make a positive shift within the communities we focus on. We seek out market inefficiencies and employ renewal and regeneration strategies to create meaningful value for investors and residents alike.

Iconic Capital Group focuses on increasing net operating income through a hands-on management style of renovation and aggressive lease-up. 

Target Markets

With over 35 years combined experience in Southern California, the managing partners give Iconic the unique ability to pinpoint micro-markets poised for above-average returns.

Iconic Capital Group focuses investment efforts primarily across Southern California metropolitan markets. These micro-markets typically offer improving demand fundamentals due to urban regeneration, limited supply, and liquid exit options due to robust investor demand. Those micro-markets most suited for investment share a common set of attributes:

  • Infill urban locations with high barriers-to-entry that limit new development and competition
  • Expanding population base consisting of targeted demographic profiles most likely to appreciate renewed buildings and amenities
  • Non-optimized and neglected properties that would see significant increases in cash flow from re-positioning


Iconic Capital Group targets buildings with in-place cash flows that will be increased by repositioning the asset. We focus on neglected and underperforming markets poised for renewal and gentrification


product type

Multifamily & Mixed-Use Street-Front Retail


Southern California - L.A. County

DEAL size

$1 million - $5 million asset value


Full broker protection for on- and off-market opportunities