8 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering investing your money. If your goal is to grow your nest egg by passively investing in a conservative asset that will appreciate over time, you have several good choices, including the obvious: gold, stocks and bonds. You should also consider the less mainstream option of commercial real estate. Learn more.

Our Strategy: A Case Study in Student Housing

In June 2017, ICG acquired a six-unit apartment building ( link back to 1277) located three-quarters of a mile from the University of Southern California (USC) campus. It was 100% occupied at purchase with in-place rents that averaged just $919 per month.


Value-add real estate strategy: opportunities, risks, and rewards

When choosing among the seemingly endless options for investing in commercial real estate it’s helpful to think about how various investment choices fall along the risk-and-reward spectrum.


The Low-Risk / High-Reward Opportunity of Neighborhoods in Transition

When considering low-risk properties with good returns, many would-be real estate investors look to Class-A properties: newer, high-quality buildings with amenities, high rents, high-income tenants and low vacancy rate.