At Iconic Capital Group, our aim is to maximize risk-adjusted returns for our investors through sound value-added real estate investment in multi-family properties. Our investment objectives are:

  • 15% annualized target returns
  • 3-7 year investment timeframes
  • Stabilized cash flow and solid equity growth in a hard asset

Iconic Capital Group capitalizes on the local expertise and experience of our principals to find, attempt to purchase, and strategically manage multi-family properties in Southern California, a region that CoStar calls one of the largest and best performing multifamily markets in the United States.

We target what we believe to be mispriced and mismanaged properties in urban infill locations near colleges, job centers, major transportation hubs and vibrant retail corridors. Then, using our entrepreneurial approach, we renovate and reposition the properties in order to attempt to enhance their value. Our hands-on management centers on increasing property rents and attempting to reduce operating costs to try to maximize net income.

Unlike the competition, Iconic Capital Group does not charge its clients fees. That means no acquisition, disposition, asset-based fees. We invest alongside our investors, and, therefore, our clients' interests and our interests are fully aligned. We make money after the investor, and we only make money if the project makes money. Simple and straightforward profit sharing.

Iconic Capital Group's principals are based in LA and are always available to talk to or meet with investors, either in office or at the property. Quarterly reporting and distributions are delivered directly to the investor. Our investor portal provides live 24/7 access to financials and property performance.


Iconic Capital Group is not a REIT or a fund manager. Our investors receive all the benefits of direct equity ownership and corporate protections in a security structure compliant with the California Department of Corporations and the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission:

  • Full participation in any cash flow income, tax free income from refinance, and appreciation
  • All income tax shelter benefits reserved for owners, including depreciation, interest and operating expense write-offs
  • Reduced capital gains rates, and full participation in tax-deferred exchanges upon sale

Iconic Capital Group investments qualify for IRA and 401k retirement funds. By using a self-directed Individual Retirement Account, investors can add real estate to their investment portfolios and grow their investments tax-deferred.